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Aruna network seamlessly connects your Operating or Logisitics company to a network of complimenarty services

ARUNA Combines

The Best Features For You

  • GPS Geofencing
  • AI Route Optimization
  • Enhanced Billing
  • No Stolen time: Billed time is only charged while the truck is traveling to/from and completing your job.
  • Unexpected stops & fuel stops are removed from your final ticket.
  • Real-time location and ETA provided to customers via the Aruna App.
  • Trucks are selected to best serve your needs by the Aruna Algorothmn tuned to minimze costs.
  • Routes are optimized to minimize overall costs by accounting for traffic, mileage and SWD wait times and Disposal costs.
  • Spanish-to-English chat translation built in to connect your rep with all drivers and avoid miscommunications.
  • Your accounts payables and AFEs will benefit from Aruna billing features
  • AFEs can be populated and assigned while making orders using geolocation to match API numbers to AFE.
  • Field tickets with accurate price will be sent to your company reps within 24 hrs.
  • Billable AFEs (for final invoice) can be adjusted or split in your account “Orders” page via mobile app even after the field ticket has been sent.


  • Launching Soon
  • Customize features to your needs
  • Available on Android and IOS
  • Full Spanish capabilities in base application

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