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What Is Aruna?

ARUNA is a technology and logistics company that services the Oil and Gas Sector. Specializing in fluids disposal and vac truck services. Aruna App optimizes with GPS Geofencing & Al Routing for efficiency and transparency. Real-time tracking & enhanced billing ensure seamless communication & accurate invoicing in a user-friendly interface.

Benefits Of Aruna

  • Efficiency: Streamlines Streamlines operations with GPS Geofencing and Al Route Optimization.
  • Cost Savings: Reduces expenses through optimized routing and fuel efficiency.
  • Transparency: Provides real-time tracking and ETA updates for enhanced visibility.
  • Billing Simplification: Streamlines AFE allocation and field ticket issuance.
  • User-Friendly: Intuitive interface with language translation for seamless communication.

What’s Coming Next?

As Aruna positions itself for the future, our focus remains on elevating the customer experience through continuous improvements and innovative solutions. This entails the following:

  • 01 Leveraging advanced technologies to streamline processes.
  • 02 Enhance service delivery, and augment overall value for our clientele.
  • 03 Unveiling new offerings and expanding our capabilities, all meticulously crafted to enhance customer satisfaction and fortify our partnerships.